Horses - Current Sanctuary Residents
Alli was born May 28,1994,and is an American Mustang mare captured as a 3 year old in 1997. She received a permanent injury on her right hind leg when she was chased through a barbed wire fence during her original capture by the BLM. She was used as a brood mare by several owners before she came to us in 2007. She is a beautiful golden buckskin color with a dorsal stripe on her back and other traditional dun markings on her legs and shoulders. She is now a gentle, courageous lead mare in our herd. She assists in our EFL work, trains volunteers and interns and is a favorite here on the farm.
Belle, b. March 25, 2000, is a registered Quarter Horse mare we rescued from a boarding facility near Victor, Montana where she was abandoned by her owner. The boarding facility had stopped feeding her for several months as the owner wasn’t paying for her care and the facility was about to go bankrupt. When we picked her up, Belle was living on her own manure and algae in her water trough. She is a lovely dappled buckskin color and has a very sweet disposition. Belle was bred and raised to be a barrel racing horse, near Denver, Colorado. At age 2, she was herded into a stock trailer with several other 2yos and sent to the Denver Livestock Sale. There, she was put in a chute, haltered, vaccinated and sold to the person from Montana who eventually abandoned her. Five years later at age 7, when we brought her home, her original halter had grown onto her face, with some scarring still visible. She was skeletal in condition and untamed. Belle loves to have her belly scratched and moans in ecstasy at every feeding. She now assists in our EFL program.
Blaxen, b. May 28, 1998, registered name, Finn Winn, is a black American Warmblood gelding. No longer able to stay on with his previous owner, Blaxen and his best buddy, Cimarron, joined our herd in 2009. Blaxen is a good-natured gentleman who has a few tricks up his sleeve which he shows off in exchange for carrots, apples or other treats and applause! He participates willingly in all of our programs. Blaxen’s previous owner made a generous donation of tack and equipment when she brought him to us.
Cimarron, b. Spring 2006 is an American mustang captured as a 6 month old foal. He is a striking, golden buckskin color with all the traditional dun markings on shoulders, legs and back. He was adopted by Blaxen’s previous owner and then joined us in 2009 along with his best buddy. Cimarron participates in our EFL program, volunteer and intern training, our Community Service Program and in general, loves people. In captivity, Mustangs often suffer from laminitis, (permanent changes to the inner hoof structure), rendering them unable to be used for riding or packing. Unfortunately, Cimarron is a victim of his domestication and will only be used for non-riding activities… which he enjoys fully and with a great sense of humor!
Fancy is a black thoroughbred mare, b. March 18, 1990, who raced for 3 years, played polo for a year and then went back to the racetrack. She is a strong, competitive mare who loves to run and easily competed against all challengers - we have videos of her winning handily in 3 different races. She had a slight, but permanent injury to her right front pastern and was up for sale or the canner. The trainer wanted to keep racing her until she broke down but her owner decided to sell her instead. She came to us in 1995. She is a highly sensitive mare and participates in our EFL non-riding program, teaching us in depth about personal space, the importance of breath, and the need for respect in relationship.
Lightning is a handsome bright bay, warmblood gelding, b. 1999, with 4 white sox and a blaze. He is a product of an accidental backyard breeding. Though he is a huge and gentle guy, he has anxiety issues and participates minimally in non-riding herd-based and reflective exercises in our EFL Program.
Promise is currently the smallest member of our herd. She was born approximately around 1998 +/- a year or two. She is pure white, pony mare. We’re actually not sure if she is a pony or a miniature horse. She weighs in at about 450 pounds. She participates in all of our non-riding programs. She was found running on the highway near Charlo, Montana and was captured and came to us in 2007. She is highly sensitive, sweet tempered and a bit shy at times.
Sparkling Waterfall, aka “Sparkle” to friends, is our magical palomino paint mare and definitely our ”spirit horse”. She was born in 2002 and was rescued from a neglectful situation. She was found living in a small, fenced-in backyard with a trampoline, abandoned furniture, household garbage, dozens of small dogs and her six-month old foal. She is a highly sensitive mare and has a gentle but timid temperament - probably due to physical abuse. She participates in most of our non-riding programs and is becoming more calm and courageous as time goes along.
Bright Angel, b. 2007, our resident burro, is a grey dun color as are his wild relatives. He is a gentle-natured guy with a definite “out loud” opinion about when feeding time should be. Brighty worked for a time at a therapeutic riding non-profit and then to a home where he was much loved by an extended family. He moved here to the sanctuary with his good buddy Magic in 2015. As a new resident, he is currently on sabbatical.
Magic is a black American Paint horse, b. May 14, 1995. He has had a simple and safe life but as his first owner moved from Montana to Florida to begin a new life, Magic also moved in with a new family whose circumstances took a sudden financial turn and were unable to support him due to unexpected medical expenses. He was loved and well cared for in each of his homes and shows it in his loving willingness to engage with humans. He currently participates in our non-riding activities.
Rocket, aka Roxy was born April 29, 1995 and is retired from the show reining world. She was then used for trail riding until an accident caused permanent injury to her hips and back. She is now part of our EFL herd where she participates willingly, with a calm and loving spirit. She came to us in the fall of 2014. Every day we see a little more of her playful personality and sense of humor as her face lights up at an open gate, carrots, apples or the possibility of a thorough grooming. She’s a beautiful mahogany bay with a white star and snip and white socks on her left front and hind legs.
Comet, a paint cross b. 2001, arrived here in May 2015. He was a show and trail riding horse until a degenerative disease put him in retirement at an exceptionally early age. He was then used as a companion horse until his last caretaker moved away from her horse life and he needed a permanent home. He is a gentle and affectionate guy with a big personality. He is a handsome chestnut paint with striking markings which accentuate his flamboyancy. He trots around, tail flagged over his back, ears perked with curiosity when he’s stimulated by his environment. He’s eager to please, gentle and cooperative. We look forward to his participation in the EFL work and believe he will be an inspiration to all who have contact with him.
Dutch, our newest Quarterhorse gelding, b. 1990 is a bright red chestnut with white markings. He is an older gentleman with serious arthritis on his left hind pastern. He moves around the pasture with ease most days and spends his time eating, resting and eating some more. In the past he has had difficulty maintaining his weight and we are experimenting with how to best help him get to a healthy weight and keep him there. Dutch arrived in May 2015 from a foster home. He will remain here for the rest of his life, eating and resting, resting and eating…and loved.