Our Two-fold Mission:

First, to rescue any equine species from endangerment through neglect, abuse or abandonment. 

To provide sanctuary for horses and ponies, mules and burros from endangerment through neglect, physical and emotional abuse and/or abandonment and to provide permanent, end-of–life care for our residents; we are dedicated to providing a forever home to these horses.  We provide a natural, herd-based living environment offering safety, health enhancement, companionship and play.


We provide health care – maintenance and enhancement, training when appropriate, and safety in a herd-based environment for all animals in our care. 


*We offer a volunteer program to engage the local community to engage with the horses as we provide this horse sanctuary as a community service.  We have sponsorships, fostering and virtual adoption opportunities as additional choices for the community to help support the horses in our care. (*Currently unavailable due to the COVID 19 Pandemic)


We will provide permanent residence, promote optimum physical health and emotional rehabilitation to the highest potential for each individual horse in our care.


We will offer optimum re-socialization skills for each horse based on their individual experiences and history.


To provide opportunities of mutual benefit through interaction with children and adults participating in Equine Facilitated Learning activities, natural horsemanship, equine husbandry and management skills, Community Service for at-risk youth and mentoring and internship programs when appropriate for each individual horse.

Second, to offer personal growth and education through equine guided activities - creating place and purpose for the horses we serve.

To offer Equine Facilitated Learning opportunities to anyone seeking resiliency skills, trauma remediation, leadership training, social and emotional fitness, inspiration, character development, suicide prevention and spiritual development.

We provide professionally developed workshops and programs to support the needs of the community.  Our professional instructors are highly skilled in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning through their training in the MontanaQuest Equine Guided Facilitator Training Program, an in-depth apprenticeship for educators and horse handlers.

Our execution of purpose will be based on a foundation of optimum health and safety for our rescued equines, staff, volunteers, interns and trainees while cultivating the highest possible outcome for the animals; providing educational and training opportunities for said equines, staff, volunteers, interns and trainees, to include raising community awareness through our many programs.


Our core values are:  optimal health, safety and socialization for the horses; to ensure dignity and respect for each individual animal; to use mindfulness in every interaction with each horse; and finally, to cultivate each horse’s potential through natural, respectful and sentient training methods.

Our Guiding Philosophy:

Based on scientific research measuring brain activity, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and all other species (any creature with an amygdala) are now considered to be sentient beings similar to humans. Recent studies have shown neural transmitter responses similar to humans when they are exposed to experiences of attachment, fear, separation, play and more. We believe each individual deserves the same respect and dignity we offer our human companions.


Through mutual respect, appropriate training and play we can educate and train consensual leadership skills, an attitude of mutual aid, community building, sustainable lifestyle skills and optimal physical and emotional health for all who participate here.


Safety is a primary focus for all horses and humans.


Authenticity, individuality, authentic community and consensual leadership are our core values.


All are welcome, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or challenges of body or mind unless appropriate safety measures cannot be addressed.


Nature and the environment are to be treated with respect, consideration and sustainability.