“You must never forget this truth…

You remain responsible forever, for what you have tamed.”   

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


River Pines Horse Sanctuary Annual Budget Summary 2019


Projected Annual Expenses for 2020 = $8,125.00/month

+$26,400.00 for hay/24 horses for one year at the current prices - please note this is a monthly need of $2,200.00
+ $4,200.00 grain & vitamins, annual
+ $4,500.00 senior feed
+Annual vaccinations - $1,300.00 needed for April 15, 2021
+Special ferrier expenses - $2,100 for 3 horses this year 
+Regular Ferrier expenses - $3,850.00 for this year for normal trimming, no shoes
+Dewormer $624.00 annually

+$2,000.00 for Horse care products such as fly spray, detangler, shampoo, over-the-counter meds and bandages,etc.
+$4,400.00 annual tractor fuel and maintenance

+$6,000.00 for Truck maintenance and fuel - to haul feed and horse trailer 
+$4,600.00 for utilities, includes auto waterers & pasture irrigation

Capital Expenses 2021:  

+$1,500.00 for top rails to complete the fencing project from 2019

+$5,000.00 for fill dirt around the barns and in two of our pens

+$2.000.00 for Pasture Seed to re-seed all pens

+more to be determined as needed


In addition:

Not in our budget yet, but we desperately need a full time employee to help with horse care and facility management as our volunteers can't meet the need at a salary of $30,960.00/year 

(as a socially responsible organization we hope to pay a living wage here in Montana of $15.00/hour for this important job and act of love.)

River Pines Horse Sanctuary is over-full, due to 6 dire-need horses saved from the kill pens in 2018 - we are 4 horses over our maximum capacity/residency of 20 horses, and we have more desperate horses on our waiting list.  We need additional land, help and cash in order to save more horses...

Please donate now to one of our important programs to allow us to help more horses in need!