…where we are dedicated to providing a forever home to horses in need. We specialize in accepting horses with physical, social and/or emotional rehabilitation issues. We provide a natural, herd-based living environment offering safety, health enhancement, companionship and play.

Welcome to River Pines Horse Sanctuary...

Our Mission:

To rescue horses and ponies, mules

and burros, to include all equine species,

from endangerment through neglect,

physical and emotional abuse or

abandonment, and to provide permanent,

end-of-life sanctuary…

  • A shift in the owner’s living situation such as aging, divorce, wants to travel and not be obligated, medical emergency, loss of job, loss of home; simply doesn’t want to, or physically/financially can’t care for their horse/s any longer.

  • Not fast enough on the track

  • Didn’t perform well enough in the the owner's chosen discipline, but still has miles of pleasure riding or companionship left to offer

  • Owner not competent enough for the horse in question

  • Performed well enough but was pushed so hard that he/she’s now physically or emotionally unfit for work due to injury or abuse

  • Worked hard for 20 years and needs a safe place to retire and die and the owner can’t or won’t pay these costs!

Why Horses are with us:

“You must never forget this truth… You remain responsible forever, for what you have tamed.”   

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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​Telephone : ​406-207-6105

Email : info@riverpinesfarm.org


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