“and I whispered to the horse: 

Trust no one in whose eye you don’t see yourself reflected as an equal…”

Don Vincenzo Giobbe c.1700 a.d.

Welcome to River Pines Horse Sanctuary...

An organization dedicated to providing forever homes to abandoned, abused and neglected horses. We specialize in accepting horses with social and/or emotional rehabilitation issues. We provide a natural, herd-based living environment offering safety, health enhancement, companionship and play for horses in need.


When appropriate, our horses then assist in teaching human development, social and emotional intelligence skills, nature immersion and basic natural horsemanship for children and adults of all ages. Many of our horses also participate in providing community service opportunities for at-risk youths, assisting in developing knowledge and equine-based skills.


They assist in increasing community awareness through our service projects such as volunteer opportunities, equine skill-based internships and mentoring opportunities. We also provide opportunities for horse husbandry and equine management programs for disadvantaged and at-risk youth on an individual basis.


River Pines Horse Sanctuary offers mentoring programs for local high school Senior Projects.  Seniors may learn about the business-end of rescues and sanctuaries, rescued horses, equine care and management, natural horsemanship and equine science.


We accept donations such as hay, grain, grooming tools, winter blankets for small to extra-large horses, and cash, checks, visa, master-card and other gift cards for daily maintenance and feed, medical emergencies, humane euthanasia, shelter creation and maintenance, fencing materials and more in order to provide and care for these amazing animals.


Monetary donations and volunteer help are especially appreciated!